Court Date 9AM June 22: Defend Free Speech Rights!

As you know, members, co-directors, and supporters of The Community Democracy Project (Oakland) (“CDP”) gather signatures every single day to get our initiative on the 2016 ballot. If our initiative passes, Oakland will have the strongest #PeoplesBudget in the United States! Our co-director Shawn McDougal is being charged with a misdemeanor: “Interfering with a Business” (California Penal Code Section[…]

Building coalitions for community equity in Oakland

This week, two coalition groups – one alliance consisting of labor and community organizing organizations, and another collaboration of artists and stakeholders in the creative community, launched their campaigns this week for economic equity in Oakland. Community members agree: It’s time that Oakland’s budget supports the people who work every day to make Oakland great.[…]

Do You Believe in People Power?

Do you believe in people power in Oakland? This is what I often ask people on the street as I gather signatures. Do you believe in people power? What is people power? For me, it means democracy: government of, by, and for we the people. (Indeed, from the Greek: demos = the people, kratia =[…]

Stories from the Frontlines, in 5 Acts

For the past two weeks, we have talked with thousands of people in just enough moments to hopefully strike a chord. Sometimes it’s a favorable interaction, sometimes not. Sometimes it results in a signature, sometimes even a volunteer or organization contact. It’s a chance to talk about something that matters to people in your own[…]