Donate to CDP's all-volunteer campaign! Every dollar advances our goal of community empowerment through direct democracy. Your generous contribution directly supports our signature-gathering and get-out-the-vote campaign.

What your donation funds over the year:

  • $10/month: pens, boards, rubber bands, hydration, and transportation for volunteers
  • $25/month: administrative work and storing petitions
  • $50/month: printing costs for fliers, pamphlets, and buttons
  • $100/month: printing costs for petitions
  • $200/month: legal fees for submitting the initiative to the city
  • $500/month: a billboard to vote YES on the People's Budget

If you don’t have dough to send, volunteer with us! In the meantime, we can also always use the following goods or services. Simply contact us to discuss donating any of the below.

  • Translation services
  • Portable tables and chairs
  • Printer paper
  • Blank t-shirts
  • High-capacity printing
  • Graphic design