June 17, 2022


Friends & Family Gathering

Thank you for gathering signatures for the People’s Budget from your friends and family! You can print the petition yourself (PDF) or request a petition to be mailed to you from communitydemocracyproject@gmail.com with return postage. Each petition has room for 30 signatures and must be on legal-size paper.

Anyone who signs the petition must be registered to vote in the city of Oakland. You can check your registration on the county’s website. The address on the petition must match the registration address or else the city will not count the signature.

If someone you know needs to register to vote, they can do so online, at the DMV, or by picking up a voter registration card at the post office or main library branch downtown.

Petitions must be returned by Dec 12, 2022. After Dec 1, 2022 do not mail any petitions; email communitydemocracyproject@gmail.com to arrange pick-up with an organizer.

Public Gathering

Gathering signatures from the general public is the most effective way to help get the People’s Budget on the ballot. You can gather signatures at public events such as festivals or at public locations such as grocery stores and BART stations.

Contact communitydemocracyproject@gmail.com so an organizer can provide you with training and materials (such as petitions, clipboards, fliers, masks, and buttons).

You can review some of our training materials in advance, such as the People’s Budget Overview, Objection Handler, Know Your Rights, and Signature Gathering Tips & Tricks.

Anyone who signs the petition must be registered to vote in the city of Oakland. If someone does not live in Oakland, thank them for their time and move on.

Some volunteers bring voter registration cards to register new voters while collecting signatures. If you choose to do so, make sure to return the voter registration cards with your signatures to an organizer. The organizer will validate your signatures and submit the voter registration cards.