March 1, 2021

Meet the CDP Squad

The Community Democracy Project is an all-volunteer campaign.

We work to turn the power structure right-side up by putting the people of Oakland in charge of the city budget. We are a group of teachers, service workers, union members, cooperative worker-owners, parents, and fighters for a more just and equitable Oakland.

Noni Session

2019 ballot initiative signatory, advisor
Noni’s priorities include increasing self-determination in historically disenfranchised communities. She is the Executive Director of the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative.

Guita Boostani

2019 ballot initiative signatory
Guita is an architect working to build a new paradigm through peace and CDP!

Freedom Reign

2019 ballot initiative signatory
Freedom is a teacher and has supported CDP since the early years!

Shawn McDougal

Shawn McDougal is an educator and change-maker who is committed to creating a more just and humane world. When he is not being a math professor or CDP co-director, he likes to ride his bike, dance, and gaze at beautiful skies.

Victoria Yu

Victoria graduated with an MFA in creative writing for the same reason she joined CDP—because that’s where the money is (or should be). When she’s not copywriting at her job, she’s volunteering around SF and Oakland, reading, journaling, and searching for new productivity tools to play with.

Neil Thapar


Tia Taruc-Myers

Tia is a lawyer at the Sustainable Economies Law Center and works part-time at the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative to help out with digital comms. She is a mother of 5-10 plants, depending on how many plants are dead today.

Kyle Donnelly

Kyle’s background in philosophy and the arts has led to a conviction that solidarity created by communities working together is the path to justice. He is a founding member of Cooperative 4 Community, a worker-owned signature gathering cooperative.

Chris Chew

Chris joined CDP in 2017. They are a founding member of Cooperative 4 Community, a worker-owned signature gathering cooperative.

Devo O’Rourke

Devo teaches math in community college. During the summer months, they work as a park ranger!

Blake Hihara


Pati Morán

Pati is a people’s librarian who joined CDP the year of the pandemic because we need each other to thrive and #togetherwelovealot. Her favorite things include bike rides, yerba mate, sloths and (sometimes) libros.

Emily Peterson

Emily joined CDP mid-campaign to help us gather signatures!