Letter of Support for AB 20: Clean Money Act

Fresh off our panel event “Changing the Initiative Process” with Alex Lee (state assembly members), Nicole Derse (50+1 Strategies), Shawn McDougal (CDP), and Chris Chew (Cooperative 4 the Community) we decided to send a letter of support for the Clean Money Act. The act aims to replace corporate contributions from elections with a publicly financed Read more about Letter of Support for AB 20: Clean Money Act[…]

KPFA Interview with Cat Brooks and Rebecca Kaplan

Early Monday morning KPFA hosted the Community Democracy Project and At-Large Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan on their UpFront segment with Cat Brooks for a discussion on the city administration’s proposed budget cuts. The cuts include reducing Fire Department services and layoffs to other departments. CDP member Blake Hihara woke up early to make the case for Read more about KPFA Interview with Cat Brooks and Rebecca Kaplan[…]

What is a People’s Budget?

Flipping the Power Structure The People’s Budget is a form of participatory budgeting that puts residents in charge of how the city spends its money. The United Nations considers participatory budgeting a democratic “best practice” and the New York Times called it “revolutionary civics in action.” Our People’s Budget Initiative creates the largest model in Read more about What is a People’s Budget?[…]

Reclaiming Our Public Selves

The politics of spectacle—driven by the posturing and performance of elites—reinforces mass passivity rather than mass engagement. VOLUNTEER NOW Just as patriarchy relegates women to the private sphere while men dominate the public sphere, corporatocracy pushes us to focus on our individual affairs while public affairs are dominated by the dictates of capital. DONATE The Read more about Reclaiming Our Public Selves[…]

#ReclaimMLK: The People Voted To Reduce OPD Funds, And Invest In Housing And Workforce Development

The Community Democracy Project is an all-volunteer campaign working to turn the power structure right-side up by putting the budget in the hands of the people.On January 18, 2017, in response to the Anti Police-Terror Project’s call to #ReclaimMLK with 120 hours of direct action, the Community Democracy Project hosted a People’s Budget Assembly. A group Read more about #ReclaimMLK: The People Voted To Reduce OPD Funds, And Invest In Housing And Workforce Development[…]

Thank You People’s Community Medics!

THANK YOU PEOPLE’S COMMUNITY MEDICS! THANK YOU PEOPLE’S COMMUNITY MEDICS!!! We are so grateful to have been able to host a workshop by the People’s Community Medics for a second time this past week. This time around they empowered us to treat victims of tear gas and blunt force trauma, two very common injuries for Read more about Thank You People’s Community Medics![…]