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Reclaiming Our Public Selves

The politics of spectacle—driven by the posturing and performance of elites—reinforces mass passivity rather than mass engagement.

The politics of engagement—the heart of real democracy—means we learn how to talk with one another about the issues that affect us all.


Just as patriarchy relegates women to the private sphere while men dominate the public sphere, corporatocracy pushes us to focus on our individual affairs while public affairs are dominated by the dictates of capital.

To reclaim the commons we must reclaim our public selves.


The corporatocracy would reduce us to individualized consumers and workers, with our roles as citizens reduced to token participation.

Authoritarianism and fascism can’t thrive when people are not afraid of one another.


THREE police officers threatened Tim with arrest—for exercising his constitutional right to petition for a #peoplesbudgetamendment in a public access space. Our tax dollars HaRd aT WoRk y’all ???

Many authority figures, who have bought into a system in which “protecting” private property is more valued than our democratic process, feel threatened when the people assert their presence and power. But we’re not going anywhere! We‘re here to build #peoplepower for the long haul ?✊

Join us in fighting for an #oakland whose people have control over the money and real ownership over our city!

Do not wait for the wave…


…You are the wave.


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