The Community Democracy Project is an all-volunteer campaign working to turn the power structure right-side up by putting the budget in the hands of the people.

On January 18, 2017, in response to the Anti Police-Terror Project’s call to #ReclaimMLK with 120 hours of direct action, the Community Democracy Project hosted a People’s Budget Assembly. A group of about 35 folks came together to learn about the current city budget and then submitted their own proposals.


Everyone's suggested allocations were averaged out to create THE PEOPLE’S BUDGET (see the column on the right)

We did this exercise to help everyone envision a world in which people got together to make their city and the world a better place.

One lesson learned: a lot of us weren't entirely sure about what these city departments actually do. To remedy this, we decided that every month, we’ll host a People’s Budget Assembly to educate ourselves and others. Hope to see you then! Subscribe to our Facebook Events Page to stay tuned. 


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