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From the Wikipedia article on Porto Allegre, Brazil:
“The first full participatory budgeting process was developed in the city starting in 1989. Participatory budgeting was part of a number of innovative reform programs to overcome severe inequality in living standards amongst city residents. One third of the city’s residents lived in isolated slums at the city outskirts, lacking access to public amenities (water, sanitation, health care facilities, and schools).” –

Updates from CDP:

* We are show-casing our supporters (first name, last initial) on please let us know if you’d like to opt-out!

* Coordinating more face-to-face community outreach efforts, especially to include volunteer excitement from folks unable to attend Monday meetings (6:30pm at Sudo Room, entrance on 22nd between Telegraph and Broadway, Downtown Oakland).

* Look for a reminder of a special community event (with food) during our normal meeting time, next week on Mon, Mar 11 at 6:30pm:

What: Community building + demystifying the budget + CDP campaign 101 + Food

*Meet other CDP supporters and volunteers

*”Oakland Budget 101″ training from local budget experts and activists

*Hear from other groups working toward local economic justice
*Training on talking about the campaign, mobilizing others
When: Monday, March 11. Starts promptly at 6:30, ends by 9. Food will be provided.
Where: Sudo Room. Entrance is on 22nd Street between Broadway and Telegraph. There is a sandwich board sign on the sidewalk.

Love and Solidarity,


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