Dear CDP community!

Thanks for helping us reach 100 likes on facebook this week! Our 100th ‘like’ came from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico–excitement for people-powered democracy is international, indeed!
We’re feeling the buzz: you’ve been dropping by our meetings and we welcomed new faces at our recent “Oakland Budget 101” community building event. Share the love! Forward this newsletter to one community-minded person you know, for movement-building karma 🙂
This week…
  • CDP Street Team is back! We had a blast at the Laney Flea Market (and managed to not buy power drills and ice cream the whole time….). We added 32 new folks to our list of supporters.

 photo 0317131509_zps5dfac9ab.jpg  photo 0317131321b_zps4624387b.jpg

  • Want to canvass with us in your neighborhood? We’re always looking for new places and events where we can do outreach–drop us a line! Our crew included a number of first-time canvassers–kudos to those who took the dive! This Saturday, we’ll be in the Laurel District from 2 to 5 pm–send us an email and join us!
  • We learned that Open Budget Oakland, the group we’ve worked with on an interactive Oakland budget app, decided to share a substantial portion of their $1000 Code for Oakland award with the Commmunity Democracy Project. This recognition of the partnership between creative thinkers in the tech worlds, and in community-based organizing, is heartening and an honor!
  • We know you can’t always make our meetings, and financial support is one of many ways folks can contribute to the local movement for empowered democracy and economic justice. Donations help us cover printing costs so we can have fliers, buy supplies and food for events, and more. Our bank account is almost set up–look out for a donate button on our website soon.

Have a wonderful week! If you see us with our clipboards in the Laurel on Saturday, say hi!


Sonya and the CDP Team

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