CDP--Your City. Your budget. Imagine that.

If you believe in social life beyond the rat-race…

If you want public decision-making to reflect the diverse insights and experiences of all…

If you are ready for a working model of collective power emphasizing the regular actions of many over the extraordinary actions of a few…


The time has come to join the Community Democracy Project.


We are connecting with people throughout Oakland about the issues our city faces, asking folk to dream aloud about what they would do if they were in charge, and building buzz for our plan to help turn that collective dream into collective reality.


  • Meet our Street Team & talk politics in public with the people. This Saturday 10/13, 11am-2pm. Defremery Park in West Oakland. (There will be many people in the park that day for a festival. So be sure to RSVP to communitydem… so we can tell you exactly where to meet up with us.)
  • Our weekly CDP meetings are Tuesdays at 8 pm. RSVP for location.
  • People have been asking about our timeline. We plan to launch the signature drive in early 2013. We will need to gather about 40,000 signatures to get our Oakland Democratic Budgeting Initiative on the ballot. This is not an obstacle but an opportunity: An opportunity to engage the broad public in Oakland, an opportunity to truly put the mass in the movement.
  • Our website is being renovated and is temporarily down. Stay tuned!
  • Like us on Facebook.


We invite you to be join us, to help in any way you can.

Because democracy is not a spectator sport.


In solidarity, clarity, and struggle,


Shawn, on behalf of CDP

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