Hello Folks,

As your set your intentions for 2013, please take a moment to consider how you relate to this cause. As a new year begins CDP is creating momentum as we gear up for our official signature launch!  It’s exciting times for CDP as we reflect on how much this movement has already grown and how much hope we have in the future. We hope each and every one of our supporters is mindful of how they can contribute to our shared cause: creating a future with deeper democracy

We asking all of our supporters to commit to helping with the signature campaign by letting us know how many signature gathering shifts they can commit to in the New Year. Thank you to everyone who has committed to taking part in our epic signature drive! Your activity will drive this campaign!!!!

You will be hearing from us again soon about a special event for YOU on January 26th in the afternoon. Look for details next week!

In Solidarity,
Karen and the CDP Team

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