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Welcome to post-election USA =) Many important battles were won and, as always, the movement building work continues.

If you believe in social life beyond the rat-race…

If you want public decision-making to reflect the diverse insights and experiences of all…

If you are ready for a working model of collective power emphasizing the regular actions of many over the extraordinary actions of a few…

The time has come to join the Community Democracy Project.

The election results affirmed for many of us that the trend continues: more and more people want an inclusive and just society that reflects the voices and supports the well-being of all.

This is why the Community Democracy Project is so important. The time has come for Democracy 2.0. And Oakland can lead the way.

We have been on a semi-vacation the last few weeks. Key members have been traveling, busy with the elections, or taking a step back to do personal work. But we’re still here, and we’re still continuing to build. And the plan is still to launch the signature drive in early 2013.

Our next meeting is Monday at 7. It’s a potluck. RSVP for details.

Tomorrow! Saturday 10/10. Noon-ish. Meet with our Street Team & join us in talking politics in public with the people.

(RSVP to communitydem… so we can tell you exactly where to meet up with us.)

In solidarity, clarity, and struggle,

Shawn, on behalf of CDP

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