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Hello, CDP community!

Sonya here, dispatching to you live from the room where we held our first phone banking blast–the energy is still swirling around 🙂 Thanks to those who (literally) answered the call–your support is immensely energizing! In the next week, we’ll be visiting with fellow activists and CDP allies, as well as folks we’ve met doing street outreach at the Laurel Street Fair and Peralta Junction. 
You could say that this is the week of “We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting For”–and how true! We’ve spent the last year garnering support from activists, leaders, and residents of Oakland, and today, we’ve got a list of phone numbers so long we can’t call them fast enough. “We,” the extended CDP community, are here, and the wait is over–we’re soliciting commitments to pitch into our signature gathering drive, and digging into the crucial work of mobilizing our supporters and launching popular education efforts.
“We,” of course, means YOU!–so what can you expect from us in the coming month?
  • A phone call. Maybe you need to brush up on our campaign, and have been meaning to tell friends or neighbors. Maybe you’re ready to sign up for a signature gathering shift. Let’s finally have that conversation! No more waiting 🙂 
  • A potluck on Saturday, January 5, to rally folks we’ve recently met with to go over the campaign next-steps, get to know one another’s community concerns, and practice the kind of dialogue we would like to see across the city. Community building is the name of the game–for participatory budgeting to work, it has to be. Location to be determined–if you know of a great spot for 10-15 people, please let us know (it’s a simple but important way to help our work). We hope to have more of these events as we meet with folks.
Thanks, as always, for your support. Enjoy your week!
Sonya, and the rest of the CDP team.
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