Dear CDP community,
Thanks to you, we have 70% of the pledged signature gathering shifts we need to launch a strong volunteer signature campaign!

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What does this mean for us? In a little over a year, we have:

  • We’ve reached hundreds of Oaklanders at festivals, on street corners, in parks, and online—and turned conversations into relationships and volunteer commitments.
  • We’ve garnered the endorsement of an inspiring and diverse group of Oakland leaders—most recently, Rev. Daniel Buford of Allen Temple Baptist Church. Welcome aboard, Rev. Buford!
  • Joined forces with other efforts for local economic and social justice. Most recently, we’re excited to be part of an emerging coalition dedicated to opening up the conversation about how our tax dollars are spent–including the Coalition for Social and Economic Justice (formerly working with the Stop Goldman Sachs Coalition) and Open Budget Oakland.
  • We’re 70% closer to proving what we all know: across Oakland, folks are tired of being excluded from decisions that affect our well being, and are ready to try something new.


Have you signed up to volunteer yet? This train is moving, folks! Sign up! Our movement is built on our supporters’ donated time and energy–so thank you!
Coming soon…‘Oakland Budget 101’ popular education workshop in March! Stay tuned.
As always, our meetings are on Monday nights at 7. Let us know if you want to stop by! We always enjoy new faces and ideas. Last night, we even got to doodle economic justice cartoons and infographics with our visitors! You never know what fun is in store.
In Solidarity,
Sonya, and the rest of the CDP crew
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