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Greetings, Community Allies!

Thanks so much, again, to all who came to our 1st (of many) community-building event last Saturday!  Happy black history month, to all.

Also, many thanks to the folks at Sudo room for the space to meet, connect, and discuss with folks in the community our shared vision of being the change we want to see in the world.  Check our website‘s blog for some pics, or it didn’t happen! 😉
Join the table, be part of the conversation–we sure were!  What did we do you ask?
  • Formed committees/teams to…
    • spearhead voter/supporter databases
    • create infographics/improved informative materials
    • talk with suggested potential allies and known opposition groups to our initiative;
  • Discussed the initiative in more detail about which people gave some much appreciated constructive criticism;
  • Suggested more ideas for website:
    • list of different/more ways to help (so that people with diverse strengths and talents can contribute)
  • Make a step-by-step process of the Democratic People’s budget in timeline form!
Bottom line…If you want to be a part of history in the making happening in your own backyard, please stop by one of our weekly, all-inclusive weekly potluck meetings every Monday at 7PM.  Please RSVP for the location, just in case it changes.

In Solidarity,
Alexa and the CDP team

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