Last Saturday, Oakland residents joined together to #SayHerName at the Breaking the Silence town hall, where girls and women of color testified to their stories of oppression, growth, struggle, pain, and resilience.

I was reminded of a quote from Grace Lee Boggs:

“Why is nonviolence such an important … not just a tactic, not just a strategy, but a philosophy? Because it respects the capacity of human beings to grow. It gives them the opportunity to grow their souls. And we owe that to each other. And it took me a long time to learn that.”


We know that we need to amplify stories that are unheard specifically because people choose not to hear them and want to avoid confrontation.

However, I know that the Neighborhood Assemblies, which will be created by the Initiative, will start to create the spaces where dialogue and communion take place.

At the heart of our people’s movements is a widespread cultural shift that brings us closer to the world that we envision.

In our present context of isolationism, it is a revolutionary act to share our values through conversation.


Will you join us to welcome the radical potential of democracy?

Before we re-launch the signature gathering campaign, we have set a goal to first establish a core team of 30 committed and trained volunteers. If you are ready to help make democracy real, join us. Contact us directly, or drop by our weekly meeting at Omni Commons on Sundays at 6:30 pm for more info.

Help us stay connected!

If you can’t make Sunday you can still join us for one of our phone/emailbankings on a Wednesday or Thursday. RSVP for details.

Community Conversations!

Next in our Community Conversations series will be facilitated by Oakland School Board Director Shanthi Gonzales, about her experience as a candidate and elected official with time to discuss Oakland education and politics. This Sunday, March 6 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Omni Commons.

Make a donation!

Although we are all volunteer, we need money to cover meeting/event space, printing and campaign materials, and building our campaign war chest for when we relaunch the signature drive. Make a donation!

Thank you for being a part of this beautiful movement,


Tim and the CDP Team

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