Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in the movement to build a people-powered democracy!


More than ever it is plain to see: We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The time to step up to the plate, the time to take our game to the next level, is now.


Some ways we’re stepping up to the plate and taking it to the next level:


  • · We are now more than halfway to our signature pledge goal! To put the charter amendment on the ballot, we will need enough volunteer time to gather 40,000 signatures. That means 400 person-afternoons (aka “shifts”) of signature gathering. We are now at over 237 (!) and rising =) Check the snazzy thermometer Subcomandante Sonya created:


  • · We continue to get endorsements from key Oakland community organizers and groups. Stay tuned for an endorsements page on our website!
  • · We continue to call and meet with the folk who said they support us–like you!–to chat about the campaign and how we can build together. If we haven’t called you yet to set up a face-to-face, it’s probably because we don’t have your number. Email us your number so we can talk! (Or, if phone is something you just don’t do: email us with a couple of time slots you’ be able to meet face-to-face, and we’ll schedule some brief (20-30 min.) but high-quality convo time with you.


Our next meeting is Monday at 7. RSVP for details. As usual, it’ll be a potluck.


In love and solidarity,


Shawn and the rest of the CDP Team

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