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“Throw a pebble into the water and create ripples.” – Yoko Ohno“Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about.” – Ashleigh Brilliant

Hello, CDPeeps!  How’s it going?
I know our 2nd Community Building Event, Budget 101 was almost a month ago, but I’m still feelin’ the positive upward and onward synergy from everyone’s ideas.  Thanks again to Connor, Quiana, Anthony, Tony, Freedom, Shawn, Sonya, Matt, Troy, Sabah, Greg, Greg, Sarah, Jack, Wilson, Jahmese, Jay, and Alex for your contribution and participation in making this budget-related event a success!  Will you be at our next one?:)

The campaign is moving full steam ahead in our organizing efforts.  In the past three weeks, we’ve reached out to the community in several neighborhoods on frustrating local issues that resonate on a global scale, as well as how our Project will help improve, if not resolve, those issues with more people power:

  • Laney Flea Market (3/17)
  • Laurel District (3/24)
  • The New Parkway (3/31)
  • First Friday (4/5)

Every week we do outreach and talk with people all over city, from all walks of life. Come join us as we continue to build a broad-based movement to bring direct democracy to Oakland!


We are still planning our next Community Building Event, which may focus on strategic organizing trainingor we may very well hold a mock neighborhood assembly…FUN!  Stay tuned, or better yet, come and share your ideas at our weekly Monday meeting at Sudo Room.

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In Solidarity,
Alexa and the CDP team
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