Dear CDP community,

Budget season is in full swing–and CDP is hangin’ in close to the action-and we’re asking: don’t we deserve more than two minutes on a mic, after so many key decisions have already been made? So many people have been ready for accountability and meaningful participation in city government for a long time–and we’re glad to be an organization that works to turn that conversation into action. The City Council will continue to deliberate on the budget, and we’ll be right there in the chambers, too.
We know you stick around because we’re more than just talkthe signature drive launches in one month, and to date, CDP volunteers have pledged 367 signature gathering shifts, just 33 shifts away from what we need to launch.

You can help by pledging just a fraction of that: if just three people reading this pledge to volunteer just twice a month, we’ve exceeded our goal!***

Pledge today. It’s painless and exhilarating 🙂

Without further ado, this week in CDP…..
  • Phonebanking victory! Our volunteers have phonebanked their way to the end of our phone list–and the outreach has really paid off. Take our newest member, Jahneah: We met a passionate and bright student, Rio, while doing street outreach, and when we went to meet with him again, he brought along Jahneah, his mentor.

Jahneah: “I’m excited to work with CDP because it gives me the support to put the power back into the hands of the people of my city. Many people dont realize that we are the government and end up giving up the responsibility and power that comes with voice, and CDP is something that’ll help me help my city to be heard again.”

  • The initiative is live: We continue to grapple with suggestions from community allies about how the Democratic Budgeting Program initiative can best represent and serve all constituencies. Thanks to all who have provided feedback.
  • Strategy, strategy, strategy: We’re having our second meeting with Nicole Derse, a campaign strategist who ran the Obama campaign in Wisconsin and is graciously helping us launch an awesome, well-organized grassroots campaign. Thanks, Nicole!
Join us at our weekly campaign meetings, Mondays at 7 pm, at Sudo Room on 22nd St. between Broadway and Telegraph (to the right of address #459).
Thanks for your support!
Sonya, CDP
***Twice a month! If you’ve ever spaced out on a few seasons of your favorite TV show, or done your laundry regularly, you’re already an expert in honoring a twice-monthly commitment! Go you! Only this time, we guarantee you’ll be glowing with civic pride afterwards. We believe in you. Pledge, pledge, pledge! 
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