Your city. Your budget. Imagine that.

Friends and Supporters of CDP!

What are some of the traits of an effective leader that you would like to acknowledge or cultivate within yourself? 

This was an icebreaker question at our recent meeting. A key goal of CDP and our initiative is to encourage the community to embrace the leader which resides in us all. That old idea, “leaders are born, not made”, can only seem true if everyone is not encouraged to cultivate the gifts we innately possess. The kind of community-wide decision-making we are working for is not just about the budget, but, at heart, about honoring the leadership and wisdom that exists throughout the Oakland community.

What do you think?

Gettin’ fired up, gettin’ ready to go! As you probably know, we are launching our signature drive by the end of June. We’re dotting the i’s on our initiative and crossing the t’s on our tactics. We are grateful for the generous assistance of Nicole Derse, founder of 50+1 Strategies, who has graciously shared key campaign strategy insights as we finalize our plans.

The buzz continues to build =) Our own Sonya is quoted in this recent KQED radio story: . New faces continue to show up to our weeklyMonday meetings as well!

We’re showing up all over town! Meetups…HUB Oakland parties…phone banks on a Monday night…whaaat? Check out our calendar to find out where CDP members are meeting up or doing outreach.

Sign-up! Sign-up! If you haven’t already, do sign up on the website to volunteer with us. We mainly need folk to help gather signatures. There will be  trainings and such, so never fear. There will also be other ways for folk to help with the campaign–stay tuned!

As always, you’re welcome to participate in our weekly campaign meetings. Mondays at 7 at the Sudo Room. Just RSVP to let us know you’re coming!

Thanks for all you do to cultivate community and deepen democracy =)

–Greg, Shawn, and the rest of the CDP Team

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