“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
~Margaret Meade

Hello from the Community Democracy Project!

We want to give a big thanks to ALL of our volunteers, members, and directors for keeping the motivation going as we work to complete the first month of our signature gathering campaign! We’ve been gathering support (and of course, signatures!) from residents all over Oakland, who are keeping us energized with their excitement as they learn about our initiative and how it will bring power back to the people of Oakland!

CDP Co-Director Shawn McDougal with 2014 Oakland Mayoral Candidate Dan Siegel

CDP Co-Director Shawn McDougal with 2014 Oakland Mayoral Candidate Dan Siegel








A question that we get a lot while we are out signature gathering is- “Who’s behind this?”

We love being able to tell people that we are an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization, whose only motivation is creating a space for true democracy in Oakland. We have come to understand that there is power in community, and that there is truth to the statement “many hands make light work.” It takes a LOT of work to get an initiative on Oakland’s ballot, which is why are so grateful for all of our members and volunteers!

An example of one of our STAR volunteers is William Jones (pictured on the right below, with CDP co-director Kit Decker.)








William came out to gather signatures with us during our May Day launch event, and had such a great experience that he’s committed to volunteering with us again! He has committed to gathering TEN signatures a week- AMAZING! Thank you, William!

How many signatures can YOU commit to getting each week?

There are so many ways to help! One of the easiest (and most fun!) ways is by coming to one of our signature gathering events. Sign up here, and one of our directors will contact you to make sure you have all the information that you need!

This Week’s Lineup

Saturday, May 23rd
Eastlake Music Festival at Lake Merritt Ampitheather

Sunday, May 24th
Laney Flea Market at 9th & Fallon

Monday, May 25
Oakland Carnaval at Mosswood Park

RSVP to communitydemocracyproject@ gmail.com or by signing up at the above link, and we’ll follow up ¬†with time and location information!

If you can’t make any of our events this week, never fear! There are many other ways to volunteer, such as committing to a number of signatures each week. Take a petition to your local library, your neighbors, your favorite cafe, your church group- the possibilities are endless! Simply email us, and one of our directors will be in touch.

Remember- change begins with you. If you’re tired of the status quo, the time to act is NOW. Join us!

In solidarity,

Victoria and the CDP Team

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