This week, two coalition groups – one alliance consisting of labor and community organizing organizations, and another collaboration of artists and stakeholders in the creative community, launched their campaigns this week for economic equity in Oakland. Community members agree:

It’s time that Oakland’s budget supports the people who work every day to make Oakland great.

OurCityOurBudgetThe ReFund & ReBuild Oakland Community-Labor Coalition seeks:
Reinvesting in tenants by adequately staffing housing inspectors,

Enforcing Minimum Wage and Paid Sick Leave,

Supporting the creation of a Department of Race and Equity,

Reinvesting in public services, and

Ensuring that communities benefit from the rise of development taking place in Oakland.

OurBudgetOurCityThe Oakland Creative Neighborhoods Coalition’s vision and core principles:

Develop policy/budget recommendations that support arts/cultural preservation, affordability, and healthy neighborhoods.

Oakland’s economic growth and well-being depend upon the health of the Arts community

Cultural Equity is inextricably tied to racial and economic justice

City Wide – beyond Uptown – resources for East and West Oakland

Community-oriented cultural development and funding



It’s clear that we, the people of Oakland, have the vision to bring Oakland further and build a more equitable community.

What if community leaders and grassroots, resident-focused coalitions were the foundation of Oakland?

What if funding for community development and cultural programs was more than 1.3%?

Can you imagine the kind of creative thinking, cultural events, and community projects that could be supported?

How can we move forward from this, the current model of the city budget?:

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Will you continue to grow these coalitions with us, and create an Oakland that reflects the contributions of the people who work in our neighborhoods? Come out and join us this weekend:

  • Friday, June 12 – Oakland Museum of California
  • Saturday, June 13 – Jack London Square
  • Sunday, June 14 – Temescal Farmer’s Market

If you cant make it this time, we will always be everywhere throughout the city next week and every week – check here to see updates each week about where we will be in the near future. You can still support us by donating or getting a copy of the petition and gathering signatures any time, and sharing the campaign for a people’s budget in Oakland on social media – Instagram – Facebook – Twitter

CDP happy hour!

To our supporters and volunteers, join us on Monday, June 15 at 6 PM for a CDP happy hour to appreciate your help, celebrate the campaign’s progress, and most importantly, to have fun! RSVP to communitydemocracyproject@ for details.

In coalition,

Tim and the CDP team


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