The Community Democracy Project’s signature gathering campaign launch date is quickly approaching.

This means we need money to file and print our initiative. That’ll cost about $3,000 and we need to raise that much by May 1st!

Please donate today and watch CDP’s animated video about our vision for a people’s budget.

As you’ll learn from our video, to get our initiative on the ballot, we need to gather 40,000 signatures from Oakland residents.

CDP members and volunteers have already committed to gathering 36,418 signatures!

It takes about one hour to gather 16 signatures. That means we need less than 20 folks to pledge 12 hours each.

That’s only 2 hours per month between May 1st and October 28th! Admit it… that’s probably less than the time you spend every month feeling frustrated with the current system.

Maya Angelou once said, “If you don’t like something, change it.”

So…will you pledge at least 12 hours to help us create an infrastructure for community, democracy, and mass movement?

In solidarity,

Tia and the CDP team

P.S. Did this e-mail inspire you so much that you want to start helping us ASAP? If so, please attend our phone-banking party this Saturday, April 11 from1:00pm to3:00pm (Location: TBD). We plan to call all of our supporters to let them know that the campaign for a people’s budget starts on May 1st. Email us at communitydemocracyproject@ to RSVP.

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