Looking for something different to do this weekend? Meet interesting people who also love Oakland? Be a part of a movement to create social change?

The most meaningful part of my experience in CDP has been going out and interacting with people in our community. I’ve talked to so many people who are passionate about Oakland and who are looking for real social change. Believe me, there are a lot of us!

Just last Sunday, I had a great conversation with this Oakland local, who said the following:

My voice and my opinion needs to mean something. Let me listen to you, listen to me, and let’s make a positive change in the community

Are you ready to listen? Join us this Sunday for some important conversations about the future of Oakland!

What: Taking it to the People: Sunday Street Conversations
When: Sunday March 22nd 2014 1-3PM. Afterwards join us for coffee from 3-4 to debrief and relax.
Where: RSVP to communitydemocracyproject@gmail.com for location

In solidarity,

Mandy and the CDP team


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