It’s a New Year!

Start it off right by coming to CDPs January House Party this Sunday the 11th from 1:30 to 4:30pm. There will be food, drink, and great people having stimulating discussions about making our community stronger and deepening democracy here in Oakland. With all that has happened this last year and is still happening now it’s a great time to get involved in your community.

Also, you can meet new members like Talia Alarid who has recently joined our ranks and is working hard on helping us get the word out through imagery and branding as well as being generally awesome.

And of course if you made any resolutions about getting out there, making new friends, or volunteering with some awesome group, CDP totally has you covered. We combine all three and throw in the bonus of being fun as well.

Finally, this last year has shown us once again that people acting in solidarity with one another, can change the conversation at a national level. Real change is possible if we all come together and work for it. Here at CDP we believe that giving the people the power over their money and their city will help usher in a new era of responsibility and sustainability in government that will strengthen us all.

So come join us in the New Year and help us create opportunities to strengthen our community through coming together, working together, and being the change we want to see in the world.

RSVP to for location.

Hope to see you all this weekend!

In solidarity,
Kit and the CDP team.

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