One month down, five more to go!

Over the past 35 days, CDP members and supporters have been all over Oakland, gathering signatures from West Oakland to East Oakland, downtown to uptown, Lake Merritt to Merritt College, and everywhere in between!cdpvols love your neighborhood day 6.2.15

This week we took a moment to pause on our successes so far and plan for the future, and in that spirit we wanted to share some inspiring words we received from a supporter, who is currently incarcerated but sends us words of encouragement:

“All your hard work is not in vain. Although getting signatures can be hard when people are unkind, keep in mind that what you’re doing is planting a seed that will grow. People may not see the potential right now but because of human curiosity they’ll wonder what you were talking about and do some research, and once they see for themselves they’ll talk to friends and family and from there support will grow. Don’t be discouraged, although some seeds might not grow, some will – and every one counts.

Are you one of those seeds? The time is ripe – come out and join us! Here’s a few spots where we’ll be this weekend, click on the link to RSVP:

Can’t make it then? Never fear, we have teams going out all next week and the week after that – click here to see where else we’ll be and sign up to join us. Even if you can’t make any of our teams you can still help – we can send you petitions so you can get your friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers to sign on your own time. Let us know how many you need!

Also, a note from our party committee: Save the Date for Monday, June 15! We’ll be hosting a CDP happy hour and friendraiser to thank our supporters, celebrate our campaign, and just hang out! More info to come – RSVP to communitydemocracyproject@ for updates.

In solidarity,

Allee and the CDP team

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