If you want real change and to help deepen democracy in Oakland, then the Community Democracy Project (CDP) is where it’s at.

However, perhaps you are still a little new to CDP and the idea of a peoples budget. You may be asking yourself what is participatory budgeting? Why are residents in Oakland volunteering their time to get it on the city ballot?

Find Out! On Monday the 6th, 6pm at Impact Hub (2323 Broadway) CDP will be hosting a teach-in about participatory budgeting, the Community Democracy Project, and how we can give all of Oakland a real voice in their community.

Also, another great place to learn more about CDP is Farley’s East, where they are hosting us as their non-profit of the month for July. In celebration we are throwing a Mixer, on Thursday, July 9th, 5pm to 9pm. Here are a few reasons to stop by:

  • Learn more about the group of Oakland resident volunteers that is making historical strides towards a city budget that serves the real needs and values of the people!
  • Check out our window display for July’s Nonprofit of the Month
  • Celebrate the mini-victories
  • Find out how to get involved
  • 20% OF ALL SALES WILL BE DONATED during that time to the initiative campaign that is gathering signatures for a people’s budget in Oakland

Also, over this last week the #peoplesbudget coalition is starting take form. We had some of our first meetings with Bay LocalizeCJJCSELC and ACCE where we got to share our collective wisdom about organizing and the struggle to bring real power to the people. It is in forming these coalitions that the Community Democracy Project hopes to build beyond just the fight for a peoples budget but also to really create a strong movement of people power in Oakland. 

We look forward to working with and collaborating with these and other groups in the future. If you or your group is interested in getting involved with CDP then please reach out! We will also keep you apprised of our future coalition meetings.

And last but not least, CDP is standing up for free speech and our rights to be involved in our community. For those of you who don’t know one of our Co-Directors, Shawn, was harassed by security at the Oakland Grocery Outlet. When Shawn stood his ground, security eventually called the police. Two patrol cars worth of police arrived to also harass Shawn while he was going about his constitutionally protected right of political free speech. (cf. Pruneyard v. Robins, 1979 CA Supreme Court.) This eventually ended in him getting charged with a misdemeanor.

In the end the DA decided not to file charges. So this week we are back at the Grocery Outlet to show the forces of oppression that we can not be intimidated. We will keep on doing our best to bring a people’s budget to Oakland!

Join us!

Here is how you can help:

In solidarity,
Kit and the CDP Team

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