Practicing and Balancing Self-Care

Though many of us are familiar with the concept of self-care, the basic definition isn’t necessarily the ideal method. Lovemme Corazón said in an interview with Nia King:

“[T]he term used has been very oppressive, it’s like ‘You need to be out in your community, you need to be doing all your work, and you need to go home and take care of yourself.’ … [C]ommunal care is having a friend cook you dinner, going home and having someone watch a movie with you, going home and talking to someone, or just doing something with someone so that you’re intimately involved with each others’ lives.”

In living out this movement, we don’t want to re-create the exploitative intensity of work-rest-work-promotion-crash.

We imagine with roots in compassion.

Last week, Chelsea presented some key ideas for communal/self-care, and the necessity for sharing practices and building accessible networks of care. We planned out our week. What’s yours? How can we be a part of your world: personal, activist, spiritual, creative, or anything else?


Chill + Connect!

We are getting together tomorrow at OVO Tavern & Eatery at 6 pm to call our supporters to let them know how we can all be a part of the project. Meet us, other supporters, and talk about how we can make things happen for Oakland. RSVP for details.

Choral Calisthenics!

This Sunday, April 17 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Omni Commons, we’ll be tuning in to a different station – learning some basic singing techniques and exercises with the multi-award-winning, talented Victoria. It’s a continuation of our Self-Care series: singing is good for your health!

Cultivate the Cause!

Although we are all volunteer, we need money to cover meeting/event space, printing and campaign materials, and building our campaign war chest for when we relaunch the signature drive. Make a donation!

Choose Community

The Community Democracy Project promotes active citizenship, community learning, and direct democracy by putting the people in charge of the budget. Our voter initiative will change the Oakland City Charter so that we the people decide how our tax money is spent. There will be empowered neighborhood assemblies throughout the city where people can come together to discuss community issues and determine public priorities by directly voting on the city budget.

Before we re-launch the signature gathering campaign, we have set a goal to first establish a core team of 30 committed volunteers. If you are ready to help make democracy real, join us. Contact us directly for more info.

C you soon!

Tim and the CDP Team

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