What is a People’s Budget?

Flipping the Power Structure The People’s Budget is a form of participatory budgeting that puts residents in charge of how the city spends its money. The United Nations considers participatory budgeting a democratic “best practice” and the New York Times called it “revolutionary civics in action.” Our People’s Budget Initiative creates the largest model in Read more about What is a People’s Budget?[…]

Reclaiming Our Public Selves

The politics of spectacle—driven by the posturing and performance of elites—reinforces mass passivity rather than mass engagement. VOLUNTEER NOW Just as patriarchy relegates women to the private sphere while men dominate the public sphere, corporatocracy pushes us to focus on our individual affairs while public affairs are dominated by the dictates of capital. DONATE The Read more about Reclaiming Our Public Selves[…]

Summer 2019

We have wrapped up our first month of signature gathering thanks to our awesome volunteers and members! Each day we gather signatures is an opportunity to share the vision of people power in Oakland, connect with our community, and exercise teamwork and communication. Best of all it directly supports getting the people’s budget initiative on the ballot! Read Read more about Summer 2019[…]

🏡 A Call to Action – A Response from Community 😍

Recap from our Housing Crisis Panel On April 11, we hosted a panel on Oakland’s housing crisis that featured representatives from Causa Justa, The Village, Oakland Warehouse Coalition, Safer DIY Spaces, EveryOne Home, East Bay Community Law Center, and City Council representative Rebecca Kaplan.   Some highlights from our panelists: -More than 3,000 people are Read more about 🏡 A Call to Action – A Response from Community 😍[…]

#ReclaimMLK: The People Voted To Reduce OPD Funds, And Invest In Housing And Workforce Development

The Community Democracy Project is an all-volunteer campaign working to turn the power structure right-side up by putting the budget in the hands of the people.On January 18, 2017, in response to the Anti Police-Terror Project’s call to #ReclaimMLK with 120 hours of direct action, the Community Democracy Project hosted a People’s Budget Assembly. A group Read more about #ReclaimMLK: The People Voted To Reduce OPD Funds, And Invest In Housing And Workforce Development[…]

Thank You People’s Community Medics!

THANK YOU PEOPLE’S COMMUNITY MEDICS! 1 THANK YOU PEOPLE'S COMMUNITY MEDICS!!! We are so grateful to have been able to host a workshop by the People’s Community Medics for a second time this past week. This time around they empowered us to treat victims of tear gas and blunt force trauma, two very common injuries Read more about Thank You People’s Community Medics![…]

Happy Hour and Conversations about Bernie Sanders

​ COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS! This week’s conversation hour will celebrate the political momentum fueled by the Bernie Sanders campaign. Join us to share what excites you and/or what concerns you about Bernie and help us create an action plan for activists AFTER the Bernie Presidential Campaign. (This Sunday! May 29, 2016. OMNI Commons. 6:30p.m.) RSVP here! TEXT Read more about Happy Hour and Conversations about Bernie Sanders[…]

C is for Care, Community, Compassion — and Crooning this Sunday!

​ Practicing and Balancing Self-Care Though many of us are familiar with the concept of self-care, the basic definition isn’t necessarily the ideal method. Lovemme Corazón said in an interview with Nia King: “[T]he term used has been very oppressive, it’s like ‘You need to be out in your community, you need to be doing all your work, and you need Read more about C is for Care, Community, Compassion — and Crooning this Sunday![…]