Recap from our Housing Crisis Panel

On April 11, we hosted a panel on Oakland’s housing crisis that featured representatives from Causa Justa, The Village, Oakland Warehouse Coalition, Safer DIY Spaces, EveryOne Home, East Bay Community Law Center, and City Council representative Rebecca Kaplan.


Some highlights from our panelists:

-More than 3,000 people are living on the streets of Oakland.
-There’s currently over 2 million square feet of unused city-owned land.
-There are more vacant properties in Oakland than unhoused people.
-The majority of unhoused people in Alameda County are not sheltered or in encampments, but on their own.
-The majority of Alameda County’s budget for helping the homeless comes from the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT—it’s time we examine the local budget to see where we can give more!

Thank you to everyone who came out! If you were inspired and have notes or takes to share, let us know by replying or posting on our FB page.

Our panelists are fighting for our unhoused and at-risk communities in many different ways—and it was clear we need control of the budget to enact the solutions they’ve identified. Are you ready to step up and make a People’s Budget a reality in 2020? Reply to this email and we’ll plug you in to one of our many action groups

Join Our Movement!


Street Outreach
April 28th
Meet at the Drip Line

Street Outreach
May 4th
(First Friday)
Meet at New Parkway (cafe area)

Campfire Backyard Party
May 6th
789 61st St. Oakland
(Celebrate Shawn’s and Tia’s birthdays. Meet Sharena from the People’s Community Medics and learn how you can get involved)

Waffles for Housing Justice
May 27th
RSVP for address
(The Village’s Feed the People program needs a new truck for their portable kitchen!)

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