Happy Hour and Conversations about Bernie Sanders

​ COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS! This week’s conversation hour will celebrate the political momentum fueled by the Bernie Sanders campaign. Join us to share what excites you and/or what concerns you about Bernie and help us create an action plan for activists AFTER the Bernie Presidential Campaign. (This Sunday! May 29, 2016. OMNI Commons. 6:30p.m.) RSVP here! TEXT[…]

C is for Care, Community, Compassion — and Crooning this Sunday!

​ Practicing and Balancing Self-Care Though many of us are familiar with the concept of self-care, the basic definition isn’t necessarily the ideal method. Lovemme Corazón said in an interview with Nia King: “[T]he term used has been very oppressive, it’s like ‘You need to be out in your community, you need to be doing all your work, and you need[…]

Meet Your Neighbors! Signature Gathering, Self Care, Singing Lessons, and more!

​ Meet your neighbors with CDP! When:  Saturday, April 9th Time: 1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. Where: Meet at Cafe Dejena Spend the afternoon with us meeting your neighbors as we survey Oakland residents about their concerns and priorities! You’re lucky because Shawn (see friendly picture!) is leading the street outreach team this week. If you can’t make it this week, please check[…]

Why do you support CDP?

​ Why do you support CDP?  Hi, I’m Mark! I’m one of CDP’s newest members. Why do I support CDP? It’s a question that could be answered a few ways. I’m certainly interested in capital-J Justice (after all, if people’s money is being collected by the government, why shouldn’t they decide where it goes?). I’m no less interested[…]